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Dr. Amro El Feki

Board certified in General Neurology, Clinical Neurophysiology, and Epilepsy


Dr. El Feki is a general neurologist and completed his

 internship and neurology residency at the University

of New Mexico. Then he completed his fellowship in clinical

 neurophysiology at Vanderbilt medical school, at Nashville, Tennessee. He sub-specializes in Epilepsy

for both the adult and pediatric population. He

also sub-specializes in neuromuscular diseases such

as muscular dystrophy, ALS, Myasthenia gravis, myopathy, neuropathy diabetic, and non-diabetic type. 


Dr. El Feki was the director of the ALS/Muscular

dystrophy clinic for several years at Unity point institute

(affiliated by University of Iowa) and served as the director

of the EMG lab director at unity point at des Moines, IOWA.

He was also the director of the Botox clinic treating chronic migraine and is currently the stroke director at Bay area hospital, Webster, Texas the EEG/epilepsy director at bay area hospital.


Dr. El Feki has a special interest in treating migraine especially chronic migraine using Botox and is involved in multiple clinical research at "SAGE" for Parkinson's disease. 


He now has his own office in Houston, TX where he treats patients with headaches, Epilepsy, and Neuromuscular disorders. 



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