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Our Patient Services

For our patients, Clear Lake Brain & Spine Institute is a breath of fresh air. We offer all of the medical services you need when you need them. For anyone who has been waiting for medical treatment, we are the answer you’ve been looking for.

EEG-Video Monitoring

EEG-video monitoring refers to continuous EEG recorded for a more or less prolonged period with simultaneous video recording of the clinical manifestations. Having a correlation of the recorded behavior (video) and the EEG activity, the diagnosis of seizures or nonepileptic attacks can be made definitely in nearly all cases. EEG-video is the criterion standard for the diagnosis. [1, 2, 3, 4] EEG-video monitoring has become available at most large referral centers with an epilepsy program, and more recently in many smaller hospitals and on an outpatient basis. As a general rule, prolonged EEG-video monitoring should be obtained on any patient who continues to have frequent seizures despite antiepileptic drugs


An Electroencephalogram (EEG) is a brain wave test that detects abnormalities in the electrical activity of the brain. This helps us to diagnose: Seizure disorders, epilepsy, head injuries, dizziness, headaches, brain tumors and sleeping problems. It can also be used to confirm brain death. An EEG tracks and records brain wave patterns. Small flat metal discs called electrodes are attached to the scalp with wires. The electrodes analyze the electrical impulses in the brain and send signals to a computer that records the results.


An electromyography (EMG) test is often performed alongside an NCV test. An EMG test records the electrical signals moving through your muscles. This helps detect the presence, location, and extent of any disease that may damage the nerves and muscles. A nerve conduction study (NCS), also called a nerve conduction velocity (NCV) test--is a measurement of the speed of conduction of an electrical impulse through a nerve. Symptoms that might prompt a health care professional to order a nerve conduction velocity test the NCV test can be used to detect true nerve disorders (such as peripheral neuropathy and mononeuritis multiplex) or conditions whereby nerves are affected by mechanical compression injury. 

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