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Clear Lake Brain & Spine Institute

delivers high quality services for all patients and ensure that patients are comfortable and satisfied every time!

We welcome new patients and accept most major insurance plans. Please call us for questions or to schedule an appointment.

Download Patient Forms

Save time on appointment day. Download, print, and complete your patient forms. Prefer the online version? Use our Patient Portal instead!

251 W. Medical Center Blvd.

Ste. 125 Webster TX, 77598

Monday - Friday


Saturday & Sunday CLOSED

Welcome to Clear Lake Brain & Spine Institute

Dr. El Feki with Clear Lake Brain and Spine institute is dedicated to providing world class brain and spine care in Houston.


At CLBSI our patients and their families will receive unrivaled, individualized attention and care guided by experience, compassion, and excellence. Please feel free to browse our website to learn more about neurosurgery or contact us to make an appointment.

What is Neurology?

Neurology is a branch of medical science that is concerned with disorders and diseases of the nervous system. The term neurology comes from a combination of two words - "neuron" meaning nerve and "logia" meaning "the study of".


There are around a hundred billion neurons in the brain, capable of generating their own impulses and of receiving and transmitting impulses from neighboring cells. Neurology involves the study of:

  • The central nervous system, the peripheral nervous system and the autonomic nervous system.

  • Structural and functional disorders of the nervous system ranging from birth defects through to degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease.

We Welcome New Patients

We are currently welcoming new patients to our practice. Depending on your insurance provider, a referral from your primary care physician may or may not be necessary. Please call our office for any questions about becoming a new patient.

What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a chronic disorder, the hallmark of which is recurrent, unprovoked seizures. A person is diagnosed with epilepsy if they have two unprovoked seizures (or one unprovoked seizure with the likelihood of more) that were not caused by some known and reversible medical condition like alcohol withdrawal or extremely low blood sugar.

Ways to Make Appointments

We know your time is valuable, so we offer the following convenient options to make appointment scheduling easier than ever! *Please note that the patient portal is  available for scheduling new patient appointments as well!

Access our 

By Phone 

By Email

Patient Portal
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